Explore the Golf Club at South River

We are a private golf club in Edgewater, Maryland, and easily accessible from downtown Annapolis.

At The Golf Club at South River, we offer readily available tee times that fit your schedule and special slots that guarantee everyone has their own opportunity to hit the links.

No matter your experience or ability, our handicapping service allows all members to compete as equals.

Our mantra at The Golf Club at South River is to help more people have more fun and play more golf more often!

Meet The Shutt Family, members of The Golf Club at South River

Meet our Members

The Shutt Family

"We love the people here. There is always a welcoming feeling when we come with the kids. Not only with the staff but also with all of the other members.  You never feel like anything more than at home here and that's right when you walk through the front door, or when you are on the course. People are happy to see us - to see the kids - that is always so reassuring to me and a testament to the Club. We jump in the car, turn our phones off and relax together for a few hours!"

-Raquel Shutt

Meet Deb Barghorn, a member at The Golf Club at South River

Meet our Members

Deb Barghorn

"I used to golf at another Club and we were searching for a new place. GCSR was young at the time and that drew us here. The Club has lots of great perks, young active members, a Simulator room, and a great fitness center with equipment and weekly classes! They have different programs that are included in your membership with no extra fees and it's never too crowded."

-Deb Barghorn

Meet Kurt and Sarah Sagorsky, members at The Golf Club at South River

Meet our Members

Kurt & Sarah Sagorsky

"I grew up golfing and love the game, especially the competitive nature of league play. While my wife supports that, she doesn't golf. We joined in the fall of 2015 when we were new to the area and looking to start a family. Sarah enjoys dining and attending the Club's family events and patio parties with me and is able to join me on Friday nights occasionally on the cart for a few holes as we download from our work week. It's kind of the best of both worlds!"

-Kurt Sagorsky

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